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About me

Antonio Adkinson  the visionary force behind Viberzone Nutrition, is dedicated to optimizing the performance of professional and elite athletes through the potency of all natural juices. Antonio’s journey, started through preparation for the NFL and other prestigious leagues, where he identified the need for a natural solution to combat inflammation and aid quicker recovery, leading to the creation of the Alkaline Recharge, a potent drink designed to swiftly alleviate inflammation and bolster recovery for superior athletic performance. 

Having personally benefited, Antonio extends this expertise to over 100 pro athletes, leveraging natural juices and smoothies to enhance their performance. Beyond nutrition, Antonio is a Barefoot Training specialist, architecting the groundbreaking Viberzone Barefoot Training system. This pioneering approach targets the intrinsic foot muscles, catalyzing profound changes in athletes’ nervous systems and fast twitch muscles, revolutionizing athletic development from the ground up.

At Viberzone Nutrition, Antonio Adkinson remains steadfast in his commitment to propelling athletes towards their peak potential, harnessing the synergies of natural solutions and innovative training methodologies for unparalleled performance and holistic well being.