100% Organic Purple Gold Sea Moss Gel

  • 100% Organic Purple Gold Sea Moss Gel

Powerful Jamaican Gold Purple Sea Moss Raw Wildcrafted 16oz Mason Jar- Harvested off the coast of Jamaica and dried under the warm Jamaican Sun. This powerful superfood is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

This tasteless cell food adapts to whatever flavor component you pair it with and gets to work on aiding digestion, boosting your immunity, energy and stamina while cleansing your blood and skin.
Whether you are blending sea moss into your smoothies or enjoying a spoonful in its natural state, Incorporate this superfood into your life and receive the benefits.

The many benefits of these varieties include:

- Nutrient-Packed
- Boost Immunity
- Soothe Digestion
- Rich in Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins, Magnesium
- Aides in Bowel Regulation
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Antiviral & Antimicrobial
- Mucus Removal
- Relieves Respiratory Conditions
- Improve Emotional Health
- Strengthen Joints and Bone
- Improve Skin Health