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Viberzone's Premium Smoothie Collection

Dive into a vibrant world of flavors with Viberzone's curated smoothie assortment, elegantly packed in a case of 12 refreshing 16-ounce Mason jars. Every sip promises a journey through hand-picked, exotic ingredients and carefully crafted combinations:

• Miami Mango: Experience the sun-kissed allure of tropical mangoes, reminiscent of Miami’s pulsating beaches.

• Superfood Smoothie: A nutritious blend of the finest superfoods, fueling your day with a power-packed punch.

• Triple Berry Vibe: Revel in the harmonious dance of three luscious berries, offering a tangy, sweet symphony.

• Dragon Fruit Mango: A captivating fusion of the exotic dragon fruit and creamy mango, a tropical dream in every gulp.

• Strawberry Vibe: Relish the timeless classic flavor of ripe strawberries, pureed to velvety perfection.

Designed for both taste and convenience, these smoothies can be stored in the freezer, retaining their freshness and vigor. Whenever you crave a burst of flavor and nutrition, simply thaw your chosen jar and relish its goodness. With their extended frozen shelf life of over 3 and a half weeks, you can savor each flavor at your leisure.

Elevate your nutrition game with Viberzone’s smoothies – a blend of taste, health, and convenience!